How to choose sutures for training?

How to choose sutures for your training?

There are several things to consider when choosing sutures for surgery: the thread type, filament itself, the needle size and shape.

You are lucky!

Fortunatelly for beginners, while training suturing on Bioniko (or any other non life human material) sutures choice is fairly simple. For ophthalmic suturing training you need monofilament thread with 3/8 circle needle. All sutures offered in are like that.

For training purposes: size matters

Suture sizes vary depending on the surgery type. Please consult table below.

suture sizesgood for
10-0, 9-0cornea
9-0, 8-0, 7-0conjunctava
7-0, 6-0sclera
6-0, 5-0skin

As you can see in most cases values are not fixed and decide whether you want something more delicate or not. In such case it is worth to check suture lenght and number of needles.

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